Monday, March 21, 2011

A Festival of Quilts

Wow what a wonderful donation of quilts from around the world which have arrived for the Christchurch Earthquake and Australian Flood Appeals. The first 2 fabulous quilts were made and donated by Petra McLennan (Vic) and they will soon be on their way to Emerald in Qld. The next 3 quilts were made and donated by Maria Wilson (WA) and 2 will be going to Chch and 1 to Qld and their lovely colours will bring lots of smiles. The following QAYG quilt was made and donated by Julie Lawrenson-Wood from England and she has made a stunning quilt which will be going to the people of Emerald (Qld) for the flood quilt appeal.
Margie Wallin (NSW) sent another beautiful quilt with the lovely blue fabric as a border and it will be going to Qld too. The three last quilts were all made and donated by Jo-Anne Dick (Tas) and they are so lovely that they will be loved by the people in Emerald who receive one of these quilts.
Thank you so much for all your generous donations and I'm honoured to be able to send them on their way to their new homes on your behalf. The people who are giving out the quilts to their community report that they are very well received as a personal gift and they are overwhelmed that people they don't know would take the time to make and then donate such beautiful quilts.
Take a bow ladies as you making a big difference to many people who were about to give up hope. More to come,
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. The quilts are so lovely Jan!Hope you had a lovely break! I have already got 2 lots of yardage for you while I'm here in the US; 5 more weeks of shopping to go! We won't be back in Aus until the end of April, so I hope the fabric will still be of use to you!
    Cheers from Maria Goodwin

  2. Hi Maria, I hope you have a wonderful trip in the US and there's no time limit for these quilts. I'm also starting some for Japan so whatever donations I get will be used.
    Have fun, Hugs Jan Mac

  3. What a wonderful selection of designs in the latest array of donated quilts. I especially love the rainbow one!