Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilts Do Comfort

We arrived home Friday night and after unpacking I decided it was time to get busy finishing off more quilts. I made 2 yesterday and 2 more today so far but have only taken a photo of one of today's finishes.
I'm prepping some binding strips now and plan to start another one tonight.
I had a lovely phone call today from Margaret of the Emerald Qld Relief Centre. She just wanted to tell me about the events when the quilts are distributed and that the people are so grateful to have a hand made quilt. She said there are often tears of gratitude and she feels privileged to be able to give them out and help her community to heal.
I've already started another pile for Qld as well as one for Christchurch in New Zealand and also Vic. The need seems to be great but if we only manage to make and donate one quilt, then that's one person who will be warmed and comforted. The news of Japan's disaster is also heart-breaking and as I'm not very good at standing by I'm busy making more quilts as I know for sure that there will be many in need of them. I am also knitting hats and scarves for NZ and their winter is on it's way and will make life much harder for them there.
Please help us to warm a head with a hat or scarf if you don't have time to make a quilt. If you make donations then please just add a note indicating where you would like your items to be sent and I'll honour that.
Thanks you so much dear blog readers for all your help and support while we try to heal the world one quilt at a time.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. hi Jan, good to hear you had a nice camping trip and have come back refreshed. I'm finishing up another one now too, plus making soft toys for the Gift of Love appeal for ChCh.
    There's plenty of work to go around. hugz, k.

  2. What a refreshing break, and now back into it Jan! My Quiltbee group is making more blocks, the girls are really getting into the spirit of these QAYG blocks. You can see the latest offerings on my blog, I still have some to package up and send to you for Christchurch!
    Thankyou for all the work you are putting in.