Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quilts for Christchurch

These lovely quilts were made from donated QAYG blocks and this next shipment will go to Christchurch in New Zealand. As you have probably heard the earthquake there has devastated the city and many lives were lost.
Now as part of the rebuilding process we are sending quilts and warm knitted items such as beanies and baby clothes for the people who lost their homes.
It seems like we've had a tough year down under and of course we need to work together to let people know they are not alone.
Fiona from the UK and I are working with Cat of Catalina's Cottage to send finished quilts to Cat and she will have them distributed in Christchurch.
I love these quilts and the girly colours and will make some in boys fabrics next.
I'm off to my paid job for a couple of days so I'll be sewing when I can find time before work, so blogging may be quieter.
I'm proud to be able to help our New Zealand friends and repay their kindness with donations for our bush fire and flood quilts appeal. I'm accepting finished quilts or QAYG blocks for NZ and will get them shipped off to Cat ASAP.
Many thanks for all your help and please check my other blog to see if your parcels have arrived safely.
Hugs Jan mac


  1. I do so love that pink one. Stunning. Cherrie

  2. You are such a wonderful lady to help with the Kiwi appeal.