Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

Today I managed to finish off 5 quilts which was very pleasing. The first 2 are QAYG but using 15" blocks so they went together very quickly. I have a few more of these sized blocks and will make some more to join them into a quilt.
The next 2 quilts were made from donated tops. The pile of quilts for Emerald is growing again and will soon be on their way to Qld.
I tallied how many quilts I'd finished for February and March and found that I'd done 71, which was similar to the 37 I finished in January. I was surprised as I was away for 2 weeks in March. Of course it was only possible to finish so many because of all the wonderful tops or QAYG blocks that have been donated.
I need to start working with the beautiful heart blocks which have arrived from Holland and Belgium to make them into quilts for Qld.
Thank you everyone for all your donations as we have been able to bring comfort to so many people having given out 175 quilts so far this year.
Love and hugs, Jan Mac

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  1. Hey Jan - just out of total interest - if you wouldn't mind could we have a photo of your sewing space where you sit and make these quilts and where the blocks are stored. I'm curious as to just how much room you have LOL