Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quilts for Charlton, Victoria

The first quilt was a set of QAYG blocks made by Jan Kates (NSW) and they made a lovely bright floral quilt. The following quilts were all made from donated tops and I still have one more to bind. I've also been working on putting more QAYG blocks together into quilts.
Having just heard that Charlton in Victoria, although having help with the clean-up haven't received a great deal of support with donations, so the next delivery of quilts will be going to them.
I have more tops to quilt but paid work is cutting into my time for a few days so I'll get as many finished as I can to send to Vic, NZ and Qld. It's good that I have so many places to donate quilts to as it means that I don't have to store large numbers of quilts here at home. I will be making a couple of quilts for Japan after Easter as they have requested quilts be sent after the 1st of May.
Thank you for all your generous donations which have made it possible to help so many people so far.
Hugs Jan Mac

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  1. Hi Jan if you have any more coming my way I need some boys ones too please and a couple (not too many) of adults.
    I have one more lot of blocks sitting here to sew up and then I'm on top of things (she says with out checking mail box this week)
    Thanks for your help and everyone in Australia who has donated - I have posted more stories from Christchurch Mums on my blog.