Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to Work

It's good to be back home and finishing off more quilts to donate. These are today's finishes and I have another QAYG quilt done tonight so that will be photographed tomorrow. The green bindings are all the same on the latest quilts as a lovely quilter from the US made and donated a large lot of bindings from the same fabric. It is such a blessing of time to have bindings ready to go so I managed to get more quilts finished today. The last quilt is a donated top that I've finished off.
Tomorrow I'm sending a delivery of quilts to Rochester in Vic and will update the numbers when I see how many they can take.
Thank you all for your ongoing support which makes it possible to donate so many quilts. We have sent out over 210 to date this year alone.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. Jan, you are fabulous, and I love, love seeing my binding show up on your quilts... makes me happy every time! Kathleen

  2. Kate, the bindings you sent have been such a blessing as I just unroll them and stitch. It has saved me hours and hours of time. The last of the binding is about to be used so I'll have to cut some more.
    Many, many thanks, Jan Mac