Monday, April 4, 2011

It's All About the Kids

I had a great day of quilting yesterday and finished quilting 7 quilts for kids. Some will be going to Christchurch, some to Queensland and the last 3 will be going to a group which helps young teens prepare for their pregnancy. They were all donated tops except I made the red one bigger by adding a border with a bear print so it will fit a larger child.
I hope these quilts bring comfort to the kids who receive them as well as their Mums who will be able to wrap them in a warm hug from all of us. We had 3 children in 3 years on purpose so I always love to support young mothers who are struggling to raise children in difficult circumstances. Imagine if your children had nowhere safe to play or not enough food to eat, let alone being exposed to radioactive material.
I've found most women to be the same all over the world. We want to raise healthy children who will grow into responsible adults with the values of being kind to others, paying good acts forward and leaving their community better off and people happier for having known them.
Not too much to ask for surely and I've found this to be true around the world, from India, Afghanistan, East Timor and even in Turkey, the UK and the US. Sadly in some countries, trying to keep their children alive is as much as many parents can manage and by donating a quilt it may keep a child alive, particularly when they are under-nourished and their metabolism is busy keeping them warm instead of helping growth. This happens even here in Australia so any donation you make whether here or to another country will help at least one child and may allow them to become adults.
So the last two days have been for the kids and the next few will be for more adults as I get larger quilts finished.
Check my other blog for the latest lot of donations.
Very grateful thanks for having you in my life and allowing me into yours.
Hugs Jan Mac

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  1. Thankyou for doing such a lovely job on the blue jeans teddy quilt. It wwas my first attempt at detailed patchwork and showed my immense ignorance as all pieces were made by tearing not cutting. It would never lie flat for me but perhaps years folded up have finally helped to tame it. You've done a beautiful job to keep the edges so fine and I hope some little boy(?) will have heaps of fun inspecting all the pictures as he cuddles under it. Cherrie