Thursday, May 21, 2009

TV interview

For those who missed it you can see the interview at the following address

Hopefully all our international supporters can view it here too. You may even see some of the beautiful quilts, tops or blocks you've sent. After hearing about how many have lost their homes, I think we will need more than the planned 7,500 quilts we've been working towards so any help you can give will be much appreciated. I worked at quilting some of the donated tops yesterday and photos will follow ASAP.
Hugs and grateful thanks for all your help.
Jan Mac


  1. Dear Jan,
    How wonderful your work is. I was so impressed and inspired upon seeing your interview this morning, I immediately scribbled down your web address. These quilts will not only bring warmth to the body but to the heart and soul. You and your supporters deserve many hugs and thanks. Robyn Mc, Cooee Bay, Qld.

  2. how wonderful the interview was - I'm a beginner quilter - but would love to donate a few blocks - well done Jan & well done also to your husband for his obviously untiring support and assistance! Jen Richardson, Tasmania

  3. hi Jan, many thanks for posting up the Link to the video. I was happy to watch it again and this time Mum could watch it also. I'll copy it across to my blog too now.
    And to Jen in Tasmania - i too am a beginner quilter, had never done any quilting before this and now have made 4 or 5 single quilts, all for the bushfire appeal. It's a great serotonin hit. K.