Friday, May 8, 2009

Quilts to Christina May 8th

Has been a busy day today collecting quilts from all over the country side.... A huge thanks to Kathy McKenzie and Mary Anne Rooney who sent me 20 boxes between them to Fastway depot Albury.....The office girl looked at the boxes and looked at our car and said they are not going to fit.....Hubby said do you want the boxes and she said yes so the three of us set about unloading the boxes and stuffing the quilts in wherever we could.....She was amazed but Peter told her he was a good packer....Then off to spotlight I ducked in to get some flannelette for DS3 raggy quilts while hubby waited for Dorothy (sorry have forgotten your surname) when I came out the same saga had taken place hubby had emptied the boxes and set about stuffing 100 discovery games that Dorothy and her friend had made and left Dorothy with the boxes...... Then off to Wangaratta where we met Jan Collery. Jan had nine more lovely quilts for us.....Then home unloaded the car and I am relaxing and hubby says come on lets sort these into schools.....Sister in law turned up halfway so we enlisted her help So quilts are now sorted except need to add the QS ones yet..... Here are three photos of what we carried home in our car before we sorted them ...I am not taking photos of 100+ quilts individually I hope you all understand.....So thank you so so much..... A big thank you to Lyn Keller who has offered me a donation for more wadding
Thanks so much there will be a lot of happy children next week so pat yourselves on the back you have done another great job we will start again when I come home I guess....
Hugz Christina

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