Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's Kinglake Trip

We're just back from Kinglake again after filming an interview for Channel Nine. I'm not sure who dobbed me in but suspect it could be Jasmine. Anyway they rang me yesterday afternoon and asked to come and film me this morning.
Christine Ahearn and a cameraman and sound man were here for 2 hours this morning, then they filmed us driving down dirt roads etc and followed us to Kinglake. There we met with two teachers who had lost their homes and had received quilts when we visited there last week. I wasn't really sure about doing the interview as it's not supposed to be about me. However they assured me that people would be interested and it may encourage others to get involved in other ways. Christine has just stared working for the Today Show and her first interview was with Mark Webber and I am her second. We did have a laugh about the difference between the fast pace of motor sports and the extreme sport of quilting.
Anyway they didn't intrude at the school and they didn't film the kids as we didn't have permission as it was organized at very short notice. We stayed and chatted to the teachers and they told us about what they'd experienced- let me tell you that they all thought they were going to die that day and they are doing remarkably well considering. They took all the quilts I took down - about 45, and are going to give them out through one of the local church groups. While we were at the car the little preppy girl came over to talk to the Quilt Lady. I asked her if she'd like a quilt for each of her younger sisters. You may remember that she was the little girl who was so earnestly trying to tell me where the day care centre was located. She chose two quilts for them and then asked if she could have one for her Mum. This littlie is only 5 and a real sweetie. She chose a green and cream quilt and was struggling to hold onto them. Then when I unpacked a few more quilts she spotted one in hot pink with flowers so she asked if she could change the quilts and give that one to her Mum. This little girl loves hot pink so hopefully her Mum will too, as she really chose the colours she loves. The other kids waited patiently and then asked if they could have a quilt for their Mum or older sister, or cousins, and the teachers confirmed that they had all lost their homes. Some of the kids thanked us again for their quilts we gave them last week. It's been lovely to have a selection of quilts for them to choose from as some obviously mean more to them than others. One of the teachers just loves her quilt because the colours are just like her lounge room curtains and she wants to rebuild and use the same colours.
Ladies if you could see the delight on their faces you would be really touched. Some of the ladies said they'd always wanted a quilt and they are just so happy with them and really appreciate all the work that you have put into them. One lady said she can see all the love that has been stitched into them. Ray was in tears and I was trying not to as I didn't want to be filmed like that. They also said that the kids are amazed that the quilt blocks have come from around the world and can't believe that people have heard about what happened to them.
We will be taking more quilts down next week and have lots more contacts now. Over 3,000 homes were destroyed in the Kinglake area alone so it will be some time before we can give everyone a quilt but they are happy to wait as they know that they will be a beautiful reminder that people are thinking of them.
I hope I represented you well in the TV interview and it will be shown on Channel Nine Today Show, this Fri at either 0720 or 0820. We filmed for a few hours for a few minutes of film so I'm not sure what will be edited out. They did film some of the quilt labels and if you watch you may see a quilt you donated. One QS red, black and white quilt from WA may feature as well as some of the Goth quilts. I talked about SCQ and tried to stress that it's only because we have received so many donations that we've been able to give out so many quilts and that other groups are also doing the same. I'm sorry that I couldn't include you all and hope you aren't too disappointed. I guess it's pretty unusual that quilts and quilters are featured at all.
Also a very sincere thank you to all of you who wrote to support the ACT CFA family receiving quilts. I'm sorry that I'm behind in replying but I'm sure you understand.
That's enough for now but please be assured that your efforts are really appreciated and they regard their quilts as future heirlooms for their family.
Hugs and grateful thanks, Jan Mac
Kialla Vic


  1. Thankyou for writing it all up Jan, a lovely story esp about the little preppy girl. And i hadn't thought of that - the quilts will be future heirlooms for themselves and their families, a reminder not of the devastating day but of the outpouring of warmth and love from around the world. K.

  2. Just saw your interview. Keep up the fantastic work, beauitful quilts too.

  3. hi Jan, i just caught the WIN Today show and your segment. It looked great, well done. K.