Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Latest Adventures on Sunday

I forgot to mention the beautiful quilts made and donated by The Break O'Day Stitchers in Tasmania. They sent them over with a member who was holidaying in Vic and the quilts were just beautiful.
I also received three phone calls today from some of the families who received the quilts we've given to families in Kinglake. The first Dad couldn't say thank you enough and they all love the quilts and are so grateful that you have taken so much time to make them something so beautiful. Both of his children also spoke on the phone and wanted to say thank you to all of you for the quilts. One of the girls had lost two friends in the fires and has been having a hard time so I gave her a handmade teddy bear which came from Elaine Kennedy's group in SA. If anyone knows Elaine could you give me her phone number please or ask her to ring me as they would like to thank the lady who made the bear.
Then I received calls from two young boys, aged 8 and 12. They were very happy with the quilts and they surprised me by their willingness to speak with a stranger. After we ended the call, their Mum rang to say that they'd rung me before she'd realized and she also wanted to say a big thank you to all of the lovely ladies who had gone to so much effort to make a personal gift for them. We spoke for ages and she said that her children helped fight the fires and saw things no children should have to so the gift of the quilts were a lovely way to let them know we were thinking of them. They are very worried about how they will manage this winter as it is cold and wet there and many are living in shipping containers and caravans.
A lot of the children are still having counselling and the people are finding it very hard to get through the days. She is going to help me to reach more people who have been affected by the fires and she wanted you all to know that they appreciated the gift of quilts, which they have to remember what they have endured.
On Mother's Day, I also rang the wife of the ACT fireman who died while fighting the fires and I have offered quilts to her and her 3 children. I wanted to ask the list if that is OK to send the quilts on behalf on the list and as a thank you for her husband's service. She was very grateful and we have exchanged details and will stay in touch. I was going to send them some of my quilts but thought it may be appropriate to give it from the list. Please let me know if you'd rather not donate your quilts to them. I just thought that it would be nice for them to have a gift to say thank you on behalf of us all.
I think that's all for now other than that I'm still accepting donations and busy making large quilts for men and also QS ones for couples. If you know of anyone in the fire affected areas who has lost their home, and who may not have received a quilt yet please let me know so we can reach people who can use a warm hug.
Hugs and grateful thanks, Jan Mac
Kialla Vic

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