Monday, May 25, 2009

Quilts from Echuca and others

Rich River Quilters from Echuca (Vic) donated 14 more beautiful quilts which are going to be given out in Kinglake. There was another one but I forgot to take a photo before I gave it to an elderly lady who only survived the fires thanks to her neighbours getting her out in time. The pretty floral and chenille quilt will be a lovely keepsake for her. The goth quilt looks even better in person and that was made by Louise Atkinson (Vic) and the QAYG quilt with dog fabric was made by Betty Wickham (Vic).
I gave 6 QS quilts to Mary-anne for her area and she has finished the quilt distribution for the Bendigo areas, however she will be able to give out some more if she finds that a few people who lost their homes in that area, haven't yet received a quilt. Christina also gave out quilts to schools in the Strathewan and Dixon's Creek areas.
I'm sure that Mary-anne and Christina are really appreciative of all the generous donations of quilts from across Australia. As many other groups are giving out quilts in different areas it will be very difficult to know how many have been given for the bush fire appeal, so I'll attempt to have an approximate number on the blog.
Thanks you all for your donations.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. It's lovely to see all the beautiful quilts being given out Jan and Christina, and you spend quite a bit of time photographing them and posting them up here. Personally i shouldn't think you need to spend extra time trying to work out how many quilts have been given out in total. It's not as tho you were being audited and having to account for them by a govt organisation or ngo. It's a waste of precious time that could be spent more profitably elsewhere at the moment. Kaite

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