Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankyous and Kids' Quilts

This week will be all about the Kids as I have been asked for 35 quilts for kids aged 6 to 12 and I also want to send more kid's quilts to Christchurch as they are having a very challenging and frightening time at the moment. You can check out the NZ news on my other blog.
The 35 quilts will be given to kids when they attend a camp for neglected/abused kids to be held at the end of the year. I want to get them done early to make sure I have enough for them, especially as I will be away for 4 weeks from mid August.
The two quilts in kid's prints were made from donated tops and the QAYG quilts were made from donated blocks. One of the blue sashed quilts will be going to Christchurch and I have some more part-finished too. With the earthquakes of the past few days there are thousands of households without heating again and I know that the quilts will be needed more than ever now they are in winter.

I also received some lovely letters of thanks from some of the people who received our quilts in Rochester.
Kaye wrote: Rochester Community House has received many thank yous for the quilts in person and by phone. They are certainly being appreciated by the recipients- even more so now that it has turned cold. We still have many people not back in their homes yet or without floor coverings, so the gift of a quilt brings some comfort and warmth.

Kaye also enclosed 5 letters of thanks from other residents of Rochester:
"Thank you for the beautiful quilts for my children. They will be used and treasured"- from Ian.

"Thank you so much for suggesting my name to receive a comfort quilt. I love it so much and use it while I knit in the evenings- after a difficult 18 months the flood was the last straw- so the quilt truly is a "comfort" quilt. It was so kind of you and very much appreciated"- Denise.

"Dear Jan, I received one of your beautiful quilts and I love it. You must have spent hours making them. We are still not back in our house and never want to go through another flood. People from all over the place have been wonderful. All except the insurance companies. Well once again thank you very much and I will treasure my quilt"- Maureen.

"Thank you very much for the beautiful quilt Pam received. As you are aware Pam is now a resident of the Rochester Hostel. The quilt is permanently on her bed and looks lovely. Pam's unit was inundated with water, fortunately she was able to gain a place in care"- Wyn.

"Dear Jan, Just a note to thank you for the beautiful patchwork quilt, that you had made, that I received from Rochester Community House. It is so kind of you to make quilts for people and I appreciated your quilt. It is lovely. Thank you once again"- Mary.

I wanted to share these letters with you because you are all part of the Oz Comfort Quilts team and we couldn't possible reach and comfort as many people with the quilts without all of your very generous donations and help.
Now Christchurch is in need of more help so please consider making a quilt and posting it off to Cat at :
For Christchurch
PO Box 13529
If everyone made and sent just one quilt imagine how many children and adults would be feeling a little warmer and happier in Christchurch. I have amended my blog details again and as I have used almost 300 QAYG blocks in the past 10 days I am happy to accept more donated blocks, tops etc as the need is great and I am working on getting more quilts finished and donated quickly.
God bless, Jan Mac


  1. The thank you letters and reports from the recipients of your quilts make this project feel more real. It really is about quilts and other warm stuff made by persons and delivered through many hands to other persons who need them. Nothing disappears into a giant organization.

  2. The kids camp sounds like a very worthwhile event. Do you know the ages? ie what size quilts are needed?