Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilts For Christchurch

The first quilt is the remaining quilt I was working on for abused children. An organization holds a camp for abused and neglected children aged 6 to 12 and I've been asked to provide quilts for all 35. I have started working on them now although they won't be needed until Oct as I have a few other commitments coming up and I want to make sure they are done in time. This was a donated top of a jungle print and will be loved by a child.
The next quilt was made from QAYG blocks donated for Christchurch. The blocks were made as a set and sent by Sharon of Lismore (NSW) and will go into the pile of quilts ready to post to Christchurch. Thank you very much to the lovely readers who have donated some money via the Donate button as it means that I will be able to post more quilts off very soon. I'm also putting some money aside to pay for more batting as I am working my way through my supplies very quickly when quilting donated tops.
The last lovely quilt was sent by Patricia Thornhill from the UK. It is a lovely feminine quilt in pastel pinks and will be going to Qld with the next delivery where it will brighten the room of a young girl.
Thank you all for your help with getting the quilts delivered to where they are needed. Kaite tells me that they had snow in Bathurst (NSW) today and winter has certainly arrived here too.
Stay warm everyone and keep quilting.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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  1. You're a marvel, somehow you manage to juggle quilts for here, there and everywhere.
    I finished a cosy pillowslip to go with my tulip girls quilt which i'll be posting off to Cat also in a day or so, when i've finished a pink beanie to include as well.
    Wondering whether the ash cloud is delaying mail to NZ as well, probably is.