Saturday, June 25, 2011

The End of the Week.

The first three quilts shown were made from donated tops and will be going to either Qld or Christchurch. I have a pile of quilts to pits off to Cat for Christchurch but the continued volcanic ash cloud has meant that flights to NZ have been cancelled so I'll post them off as soon as they resume flying again.
The last two beautiful QAYG quilts were made and donated by quilting groups. The first one was made by quilters from Bathurst (NSW) and Kaite very kindly post it down to me for distribution to Qld.
The last quilt was made and donated by Maureen Hume and the Camberley U3A Patchwork Quilters from Surrey in the UK. Maureen wrote : We have had great fun in working these quilts; some have already started to make these for their own homes. We are indeed grateful that you have shared your skills with us...
Whereas I am grateful for all the willing help from quilters around the world Maureen, so if I've been able to pay you back by making it possible to learn new skills then it's a win-win situation.
I hope you are all having fun making these QAYG blocks and using up scraps of batting and fabric which can then be used to make quilts to help others.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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  1. hi Jan, the Bathurst one is a bit different, the lines follow their own path. I didn't notice that when i posted it, in fact i just picked them up and posted them straight off to you. The colours are nice, i like that mauve sashing.