Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank you for your donations

Finally time for another update on all the generous donations for the bush fire appeal.
I've received quilts from Bev Dean (WA), Sharyn Caspar (Vic), Louise Atkinson (Vic), Viki Keen (Vic), Betty Wickham (Vic), Louise Cullen (WA), Launceston Quilters (Tas), Leonie Gittens (Qld), Patchwork Additcion (NSW), Kath Maher (NZ), Dian Roberts 7 Twelve Friday Quilters (WA), and Kelly Hamlyn-Harris (Vic).
I received tops/ blocks from Noeleen Wells (WA), Sharyn Simpson (NZ), Tracey Leigh (SA), Kay Duncan (SA), Kay Pauling (USA), Anne Hubbard (Vic), Leonie Gittens (Qld), and Kaite Matilda (NSW).
I've had a wonderful response with the QAYG blocks again from Judy Hadley (USA), Wendy Carter (Vic), Anne Bennett (Vic), Jan Rhodes (Qld), Kaite Matilda (NSW), Ann Jones (France), Doris Moran (NSW), Kay Pauling (USA), Terry Patterson (NSW), Jenny Coble (Qld), Sharyn Caspar (Vic) and an incredible 900 blocks from the USA members of Heartstrings an online group.
I've also received fabric donations from Jenni Nicholas (Vic), and Jan Clark (NSW), as well as a lovely box of threads from anonymous.
The following people have also been very generous by sending knitted beanies /or scarves and/ rugs: Doris Moran (NSW), Terry Patterson (NSW), Kaite Matilda (NSW), Coralie Hayne (NSW), Margaret Rowe-Keys (Vic), Val Atkinson (Vic), Louise Atkinson (Vic), Anita Reece (NSW), Alexis Lawrence (Qld), and Virginia Leacy (Vic).
My friend at Kinglake is helping me to give out the hats and knitted items when we give out quilts and as the weather has been very cold there with snow last week, they are very happy with the hats and scarves too.
We wouldn't have been able to give out so many quilts so quickly without all the help from quilters around Australia as well as around the world. I'm still working on larger quilts of QAYG blocks set 6x8 for men as well as QS ones for couples.
It's been very heartwarming to see how much the quilts have meant to the bush fire survivors and they understand that it's a gift from the heart. Some have said that it's given them a positive outlook on the future now and that's been a true gift from all of us.
Also if anyone has time to make bindings, I use about 2 metres for the 6x8 quilts and 3.5 metres for QS ones and tone on tone or homespun is good for them.
Hugs Jan Mac

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  1. I could send some binding for quilts but I can't understand how you can bind a quilt with only 2 metres binding? Is 2½" a suitable width?