Friday, June 26, 2009

Donated Quilts

More quilts arrived this week from Sharyn Caspar (Vic), Jean Fotheringham (NSW), Laurel Box (Vic), Pam Murray (NSW), Kelly Hamlyn- Harris (Vic), and Robyn MacPherson and quilters from Tumut and Queanbeyan (NSW). I also received tops from Lorna Wigham (NSW) and I'll show photos later.
I received QAYG blocks from Anne Bennett (Vic), Jenny Coble (Qld), Sharyn Caspar (Vic), Bronwyn Newell (Vic), Eaglemont Quilters (Vic), Patti Leal (USA), and Queanbeyan Quilters (NSW). Bindings came from Pam MacAskill (NSW) and Kerry Morpeth (Vic), and I also received a large box of soft toys from Viki Keen (Vic).
The knitters have been busy and I received hats or scarves from Louise Atkinson (Vic), Kaite Matilda (NSW), Virginia Leacy (Vic), Bev Dean (WA), Margie May (SA), and Quenbeyan Quilters (NSW). Thanks to all of you more people will be warm this winter.
Hugs Jan Mac

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