Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quilts from WA

These beautiful quilts were all made and donated by a small group in Western Australia- the Twelve Friday Quilters. Dian Roberts sent them over with her son and he posted them on to me. They will provide some lovely comfort and warm hugs for the bush fore affected areas.
We have given out many quilts and there is still a huge need. None of this would have been possible without the generous donations of quilts, tops, blocks and fabric.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. Look at all of those wonderful quilts!!
    So generous.

    Jan, I wonder could you please email me... I have a quilt to donate from Hexagons of Hope, but also a couple of other things...

    thanks heaps,
    Robyn xx

  2. Hi Jan,

    I have over 100 quilts that quilters from all over the planet participated in making for the Bushfire Victims. A friend is driving down and would like to deliver them to you. Please shoot me an email if you would like to have some of them.