Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can You See It?

Three more QAYG quilts finished in the last few days and the first one was made from a set of 34 lovely bright blocks. I added one other donated block to make it up to a quilt of 35 blocks. Can you see the block which wasn't part of the original set? It's the 6th block down on the right hand side. I had trouble finding it too so I think it plays nicely with the rest of the blocks.
The other quilts were also made from donated sets of blocks and the different colours make them all look diffferent, from pastels to brights or darker masculine colours.
I also quilted some tops today and will show more photos when they are bound.
Many thanks for all the donated QAYG blocks which makes it so much quicker to get finished quilts out to needy people.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. a good match, i would not have found it.

  2. Neither would I! I love the colours of all three but the last 2 are really striking to me :-)

  3. If you have a good selection of blocks from different makers, you can find perfect matches like this. Your sashings and bindings make the quilts look their best.

  4. I didn't find it. The more I see these quilts the more I fall in love with them. I was seriously hoping they would become yuk to me. I may yet get my space and finally have be able to start one

  5. It's lovely to see the blocks I sent made up into a quilt. And I must apologize... I was sure that I'd sent 35 blocks. I must have miscounted. But the block you added does fit in nicely.