Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just One More

I didn't get quilt tops finished yesterday as I'd planned but I did get a start on making some Christmas gifts for the needy and they are shown on my other blog. However I did manage to finish off this lovely QAYG quilt made from a set of donated blocks predominantly in green.
I also added the knitting pattern for the mini Christmas stockings to my sidebar on both blogs in case anyone is interested in making a few to donate.
I have paid work tomorrow but hope to finish off some more gifts and of course more quilts on Monday.
Have a fun weekend.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Our blocks will be on the way as soon as I'm well enough to confer with DD (I'm not allowed near her or my grandchildren boo-hoo!)

  2. I found a multicolour Marvel yarn in Spotlt today, red, green and white, just perfect for those christmas boots. I've made one and i know that each one will be different. When is your deadline for them?