Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Mixture of QAYG Quilts

I've made good progress so far this week despite paid work and family commitments. I've been combining different sets of donated QAYG blocks and the last quilt was made from 2 sets of blocks from different donations. The lighter green blocks off-set the darker blocks and it looks much brighter than the photo shows.
The second quilt was made from a set of different blocks which didn't really fit with any of the other blocks I had to work with and looks much better on a bed than it does on the wall and will keep someone warm and comforted.
The first quilt was made from various blocks made with kid's fabric as the feature. The quilts are much prettier and brighter than the photos show as it was getting dark when I took the photos.
I'm hoping to get more finished tomorrow as well as quilting more donated tops, so check back soon for more finishes.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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  1. I love to double click on your photos and enjoy the blown up version of them. The stories they tell of the different personalities that made them is fascinating. Cherrie