Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Forgot to Say...

One of the US quilters, Linda Hungerford, who was visiting Australia during our Victorian bush fires in Feb 2009 wrote an article about our quilt appeal for the US magazine, Quilters Newsletter. It appeared in the Oct/Nov issue and shows where the fires occurred and the quilt drive that followed.
I never expected that we would appear in an overseas magazine but articles also appeared in New Zealand, the UK, and a Danish quilting magazine and the QAYG blocks were also shown in the magazines as well as on many blogs internationally. Many quilters are really part of an international family trying to warm the world one quilt at a time. One of my readers said that for her, QAYG quilts will always represent the bush fire quilt appeal. As part of this appeal I was also nominated for Australian of the Year for 2010.
We couldn't have done it without so much support from all of you.
I made and donated 147 quilts in 2009, of which 90 were QAYG and distributed 1,568. I'm still making quilts as I know that there will be an ongoing need, if not in areas affected by bush fires then they will go to areas overseas which have been devastated by tsunamis and earthquakes. I expect the next shipment will be to the Solomon islands where a tsunami made 1,000 people homeless earlier this week.
Hugs and grateful thanks to you for all your support.
Jan Mac


  1. You deverse to be recognised Jan for all the good work you do and have done not only for the bush fire people but LOTS of other people who need a little comfort and warmth from a quilt made with love. I have made quilts for you but it is you who still does all the organising and distributing.

  2. Oh, Congratulations! So wonderful to be recognised in this way for all the hard work you put into this appeal. Well done!

  3. I deem it a pleasure and privilege to have "met" you through the article, Jan. You are SO deserving of this award. Blessings upon blessing upon you for the many ways you touch the lives of others with your generosity. Thank you!

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  5. You're awesome Jan...
    You never know what may come but we don't do it for any of this...however you sure deserve the recognition after working so endlessly and tirelessly.

    Again thanks!!!

    A question: Is there a tute or a link to a tute anywhere for your QAYG method please.

    Robyn xx