Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quilts to Jan Mac

More fabulous quilts have been donated as well as lovely tops, blocks and QAYG blocks.
These quilts have been donated by Lynne Routley (SA), Helen Barron (NZ), P Hack (Tas), Kaite Matilda and her lovely Mum, Coral (NSW) and Diane Wright, Karyn Lorete and their group, Sisters in Cloth (USA).
I also received tops and blocks from Janeen Peacey (Tas), Alex Knowles (NSW), Jimboona Quilters and Stitchers (Qld),Brenda Ibbotson (NSW) and Betty Swalling (SA).
Shari Heath from the US sent an incredible 214 QAYG blocks and Terry Patterson (NSW), Briony DeLaMotte (NSW),and Mary-anne Rooney (Vic) also sent in QAYG blocks which I'm putting together into quilts to be donated.
I also received parcels of sewing kits and kniited items from Bettine Lambie (WA) and Betty Road (NZ).
All of these wonderful donations will help bring some comfort to those who receive them.
Many thanks Jan Mac

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