Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Parcels Arrive

Well I'm still behind with emailing due to the Easter break and the Retreat in Adelaide, not to mention night shift. However I just have a brief time to list all the wonderful donations from generous quilters around the world, for the bushfire survivors.
Since my last tally I have received quilts from: The Bay Quilters, Rockingham (WA) and they sent 3 huge parcels of quilts. I haven't had time to count them and put up photos but I will when I return for the retreat. I also received quilts from Carleen Richardson (Tas), Prue Linge (WA), Kaite Matilda (NSW), Lee-Allan Urbanski (Vic), Liz Bonner (NSW), Patchwork Addiction (NSW), Karen Witcombe (TAS), Mary Wilson (WA), Linda Gill (WA), Steph Newman (Tas), Pam Selley (WA), Colleamby Quilters (NSW), and Stephanie Driel (WA).

I also received tops from: A. Bruce (Tas), Lee-Allan Urbanski (Vic), Liz Bonner (NSW), Colleambly Quilters (NSW), Gail Oxford (Qld), Wendy Laws (Qld), and Anon (Qld).

QAYG blocks arrived from: A. Bruce (Tas), Angalique Tickner (Qld), Gail Oxford (Qld), Claudette Rocan (Canada), Cowbells Patchwork (Qld), Nikki Moshier (USA), and Stephanie Driel (WA).
The Crazy Stitchers in WA also sent 2 large boxes of fabric and sewing supplies and Kerry Morpeth (Vic) also sent fabric.

I'm sorry that I haven't had time to personally thank you all for your continued support and hope that we can continue to get the quilts to the people who need them for comfort.

I'll post photos on the blogs when I return from the SCQ Retreat. Again thank you all for your hard work.

Hugs Jan Mac

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