Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quilts to Christina

Has been a while since I reported in and quilts have been arriving again which I am so thankful for....Our next trip to deliver quilts is planned for May 13th and hopefully I will have what I need. Seems every time I check with the schools the list gets longer.... Currently I need 178 Single and 15 QS . I have plenty of cot size so please hold off sending those at the moment. I also have slightly bigger than cot size another awkward size but discovered these suit kinder kids so am taking some of them to Dixon Creek. Also wall hanging size so many of them so will be giving a few to the schools that need them.....Now I have about 70 single quilts which leaves me a lot short so please if you can spare any I will gratefully take them, I don't know how I can choose one school over another as I think they are all deserving...Also need about 9 QS as well.

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