Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quilts for Kinglake

More of the fabulous quilts donated for Kinglake. Quilts have arrived from Yvonne Skodt and the Busy Bees Patchwork Group (WA), Noeleen Wells (WA), Judy Glanville (Qld), Stephanie Driel (WA), Jenni Kirkham (WA), Mary Wilson (WA), Wendy Carter (Vic), Bronwyn Walkley (Vic), Betty Swalling (SA), and Carol Shaw (Vic).
I also received tops, bindings and/ fabric fromLinda Farley (WA), Marion Retschlag (Qld), Michele Bilyeu (USA), Anon (UK), Julie Adams (NZ), Genevieve Jackson (Vic), and Sandra McLay (Vic).
I also received QAYG blocks from: Marcia Cubis (NSW), Judy Dealy (Vic), Betty Swalling (SA), and Stephanie Driel (WA).
These are all going to Kinglake tomorrow and I'll reprot back then.
Thanks for all your help.
Jan Mac


  1. Absolutely amazing, beautiful and fantastic! Wonderful job to everyone involved!

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