Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quilts From ACT and NSW

I received more beautiful quilts this week from Canberra as well as a financial donation from Tanya Stockton in NSW, Mra Kerr and Robyn McPherson, which will be a big help towards costs of postage.
Myra Kerr and her husband dropped in with 3 wonderful quilts from Robyn McPherson as well as 8 beautiful quilts that Myra had made. Three of them will be going to Christchurch and the rest will be going to flood affected communities.
The last quilt shown was made from a donated top and it will be going to a group which helps under-priviledged children. I posted off another 14 quilts to the camp for abused kids so now I've started on some for the next delivery to Qld and the next camp for kids.
Many thanks for all the donations, Jan Mac


  1. WOW the black and white one and the blue and yellow are quite stunning!
    Thank you so very much for your continued support of Christchurch xxx

  2. They are certainly magnificent quilts! I particularly like the cat one! :-)