Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Donated Quilts Arrive

These first two beautiful quilts were made and donated by Ann Gibson all the way from Scotland. Ann read about the quilt appeal on the UK magazine Popular Patchwork site and very kindly sent these beautiful quilts to comfort people who have been affected by our recent natural disasters. The lovely colours will warm their hearts as well.
The third quilt was made and donated by Jacqy Wong (Vic) and she cleverly constructed the quilt in a QAYG style, and it will be welcomed by its new owner.
I've had a very busy week and have delivered 40 more quilts to a group which helps the homeless in Melbourne as well as most of the quilts requested by the camp for kids. I just need to finish off another 6 and then I can start collecting for the next delivery to Qld.
Thank you so much for all your help to warm and comfort the needy with our quilts.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. How kind people are, all around the world. To send two quilts from Scotland must have cost a heap - what a generous gesture from Ann.
    Jan, I posted my quilt top to you last week - hope it arrived. I've been buying up a lot of fabric at opshops lately, and plan on making a few more quilt tops for you. Please let me know if you need more funds for batting, binding, backing, and so on.

  2. Oh Jan there are so many generous souls out there in the world aren't there. And I myself was the receiver of one just yesterday.
    The lady from Mainly Music here in Auckland who has been getting all the quilts down to Christchurch heard we'd had measles and now chicken pox and turned up last night with home baking and 2 home cooked meals for the freezer. Now whilst this wasn't a quilt, I'm just saying . . . it was a gift made and given in love at a time when I would have never said to anyone 'help I'm really not coping here' but actually I should have. To know people care is a humbling thing.
    People like yourself and all your helpers around the world - are what makes this world such a lovely place to live in -
    Bless you xxx

  3. I've made my first two blocks and I'm still stunned at how well random strips of fabric work together!

    God bless all the very generous people contributing to all kinds of great causes around the world.

  4. It is amazing how the fabrics and styles can lift your spirits. I like the way that we can change all our fabric and get a totally new look.
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