Friday, August 12, 2011

Four More for Qld

I managed to quilt another 4 donated tops and these lovely quilts are now packed and ready to go to Qld tomorrow night with the next delivery. I also have boxes of knitted garments, and fleecy blankets and they will be given to people who are homeless due to the floods in the Ipswich area.
I should have packed but there's still time tomorrow so I have another quilt almost finished and I've just made another backing so with some luck I should get a few more finished before I have to meet the truck with all the boxes.
It was a lovely sunny day today and winter is almost over here but the nights are still cold and will be through most of spring too. It will be lovely to have some summer weather in Italy next week and hopefully it won't be too hot while we're sightseeing in Pompeii and Rome. I guess I'd better pack first thing tomorrow before I get distracted by finishing off more quilts or I may not be ready for the flight on Sunday morning.
Take care, Jan Mac

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  1. Some amazing quilts there! The bottom one has given me an idea on how to use my scraps up :)

    Enjoy Italy - it is a country feel blessed to have visited twice and loved it each time xxx