Saturday, July 14, 2012

Three Quilts Donated

 These beautiful and colourful quilts were all made and donated by Margie Wallin from NSW. I love the jigsaw pattern and took a close-up in case someone else wants to make one. They are much brighter than the photos show as it was a rainy and overcast day today and will bring so much love and comfort to their recipients. Thank you for your ongoing support with these quilt appeals, Margie.
 It was a good day to spend making quilts and I managed to quilt 3, finish a QAYG quilt and bind 1 quilt. I also managed to break my sewing machine which has been such a good work horse for me. Luckily I had another one I could use but I do miss using the same machine as I know all it's little habits. I guess that means I'll need to sew some more tomorrow so I get used to the machine I'm using now. Check back tomorrow when I plan to show the photos of today's finishes.
 Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. The jigsaw one is fabulous but they're all very colourful and unusual.

  2. Three different but equally lovely quilts.