Monday, July 23, 2012

A Week Of Five

 This week was busy with paid work but I did get 2 quilts finished early in the week and then today i quilted abd bound 3 more. I've also been making backings and bindings too.
 The first 3 were donated tops and the string pieced quilt was made from blocks without batting so I joined them and then quilted them as I usually do with quilt tops.
The last tartan top was donated by Gina E. (Vic) and will be perfect as a male quilt. It is actually brighter than the photo as the light was fading when I finished and took a photo.
 Thanks to everyone for their continued support and donations.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. That green quilt at the top of your post made me go "oh wow!" Congratulations to all the people who have sent blocks, tops, etc. Well done to everyone.

  2. Lovely happy quilts Jan, and i love how you've done those string ones that didn't have the batting.

  3. Don't you get an enormous variety! Your house must be a colourful place all year round. I am having such fun with my tartans, and it is great to see the tops finished and knowing they will be going to someone who needs them. I am working on the border of my third one now, and it should be in the mail by the end of this week along with a lovely crocheted rug from our opshop. The manager wouldn't take any money for it when she heard about what you do. She said The Brotherhood of St Laurence can afford to donate to a similar cause!