Monday, October 17, 2011

A Quilt Rescue

I was very lucky that Gina W. from Victoria, found this lovely Irish Chain quilt in her local op (thrift) shop, It was complete and had been partially quilted with the lover's knot in 4 of the plain part of the blocks. Another lover's knot had been commenced and they were all hand quilted. I pulled out that part of the quilting and as it was already thread-basted, I completed the quilting on my domestic sewing machine. I just did a simple cross hatch and then found some matching fabric for binding.
It's been washed now to freshen it up and is drying before joining the next shipment of quilts.
Thanks so much Gina for your keen eye in finding this quilt. It didn't take long to finish it by machine and it is now a lovely quilt for a person in need of comfort. I was very happy to play my part in this quilt rescue and I'm sure it will be loved by its new owner.
More finishes coming here soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. How wonderful - well done Gina!

  2. I am so pleased you were able to finish this off so quickly, Jan! I certainly couldn't have done it, but I knew you could! It really is a lovely pattern and I'd like to have kept it for myself, but I already have four quilts in our house and only two beds, so I don't need any more! I'll keep my eye out for more UFO quilts; it is amazing how many turn up at opshops.