Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I've been busy with family commitments and teaching our youngest DD to make some of her clothes so not much quilting happening here.
I did manage to finish off one QAYG quilt and hope to get another one done soon. It's been fun to have our DD home for a week's holiday and she's so enjoying learning how to make her clothes that it's great to be able to pass on my knowledge.
I'll be back to normal quilting duties very soon and will have more quilts to show then.
Stay warm as it's freezing here at the moment, Jan Mac


  1. I hope you stay warm too Jan, and your power stays on. It's very cold and windy here currently too. I've now made 12 blocks and will post them off to you on friday along with the quilt. So that's another one and a half to tick off. cheers, k.

  2. The world is still a big place... it is hotter here than H E double toothpicks. We've had temps over 100 for several days. Hope that warms you up.