Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Post

As you know the State of Victoria has been severely affected by bushfires on Saturday Feb 7th and subsequent days. It's very hard to put into words the devastation experienced as whole towns were wiped from existence. The death toll stands at 181 so far and may rise to 300 and over 1,000 homes were destroyed and approximately 5,000 were left homeless. The damage is widespread and all Australians and overseas friends are stunned at the tragic images.
Many are generously donating money and goods and we have been helped by stories from other people who have experienced fires wiping out their homes, as they describe what types of aupport will be needed in the coming months.
In an effort to provide support and help to replace some of the precious items they have now lost we are attempting to make a quilt for all those who have been affected by this destruction. Making and donating 5,000 quilts will be a herculian effort but we know that there are many groups who are participating at a local level. We have started a blog to chart our progress and give others the opportunity to get the word out about their wonderful efforts . We also would like to be able to show photos of completed quilts and give an idea of the numbers of quilts which have been donated and which parts of the State have received them.
This will be a long-term project and Christina and I appreciate all the support we have received so far.
Please pass on the blog site to other groups so we can all chart our progress.


  1. hi sewing madly and also getting together sewing kits which the APAQ maagazine have asked for....will add a link to this blog on my various blog posts about the fires and will try to set up a specific area on the blog for info.

  2. I truly heart the innernets and will be posting your link today.

  3. Hi Jan, I have a shop in gladstone qld and we are madly making quilts I think we are up to about 90 quilt tops and have set up a blog of all the finished quilts as they are finished. I was wondering how are you distributing them and do you have a register of what people you have given quilts to so that we don't double up on distribution. Could you please contact me by email so we can chat Thanks Julie morgan