Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pushing Through

I am really enjoying sewing with the new industrial machine and it is pushing through all the thicknesses of batting and fabric with so much ease that I wish I'd bought one years ago. It really saves on wear and tear on me and not just on the domestic machines.
  I'm also working on some needle turn appliqued blocks for me and you can see them on my other blog. It's been good to work on some of my quilts in progress as well as finishing off more quilts to donate.
Thanks for stopping by.
 Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Sew pleased you have a machine that makes your good work easier.
    Also nice you have some time to work on your own projects Jan.

  2. hi jan, i have 3 industrial plain sewers. i find it such a hard slog to use a domestic machine after years of using an industrial. i still have a couple of domestic machines used mainly for buttonholes. and one does the blanket stitch. the only disadvantage is you can't just pack it in the car and take it on holiday with you! sue~nz

  3. no more pain in the shoulders Jan, sounds like a bonus. I was thinking of buying a knitting machine but they mostly only do stockinette and versions of same, but not garter so i'll stick to slow knitting.