Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for Three

Having been away camping for 10 days or so it's put me behind a bit with production of quilts but I have managed to finish off another 3 QAYG quilts to be donated to the needy for Christmas.
It's been very handy to still have some QAYG blocks on hand to make more quilts in short time.
I hope you're not sick of seeing these QAYG quilts. Luckily I'm not sick of making them! LOL!
I hope to get a few more finished before I deliver them so I'd better get back to work again.
Hugs and thanks for stopping by.
Jan Mac


  1. Those who send blocks are not sick of them (at least I'm not)! It's been fun looking through and trying to find the blocks we sent! All accounted for now!! LOL

  2. I'm never sick of looking. These are blankets full of surprises - no two are ever the same. Cherrie

  3. To be honest, they are all so different and all such jewels of the rainbow that I, for one, never tire of looking at them and seeing colors and arrangements for ideas of my own! You are such an amazing and hard working lady that is never ceases to surprise me just how much you can get done and still have a great life!