Monday, November 9, 2009

More Beautiful Quilts

Most of these have been donated by Launceston quilters from Tasmania. The lovely pink hexagon quilt comes from a donation to Hexagons of Hope which did an incredible job of getting quilters from around the world to make hexagons for the ladies who lost their homes. Doing some hand work gives them a break from some of the stress in their lives and the quilt came from Malaysia or Singapore. I'm sorry that I can' remember which but I'm happy to add a name if anyone knows who made it. They will all bring some comfort to the people who receive them even though it's 104 degrees here today.
Hugs and thanks Jan Mac


  1. Wow, these are all gorgeous! It's so much fun to come to your blogs and be inspired! Just the sheer variety of quilts and block variations are amazing. Love all of the strings, disappearing nine patches, bushfire stars, etc. that I see each time I visit. You are so much better than a quilts show!!!!

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