Friday, August 28, 2009

More Donations

I received this beautiful QS quilt from Junaita Eime and a group from Henty (NSW). Juanita organized the group and I have her story on the other blog at Sew Many Quilts, Too Little Time.
I've also received quilts from Clare Pound (NSW), Bev DEan (WA), Nathalie Jarosz (ACT) and Judy Hills and her group in Kempsey (NSW) also sent sevral boxes of quilts.
Nita Watts (Vic) and Betty Rood (NZ) also sent knitted hats and jumpers and Irene Lake (Vic ) sent wool. Pauline Irving (WA) sent a large box of quilting magazines and books and Betty Swalling (SA) sent fabric. M. Hack (Tas) also sent more QAYG blocks.
I've been working extra shifts due to the flu season affecting staffing at work so I may not get all the quilt photos loaded before we take a break for a few weeks.
I'll be taking more quilts down to Kinglake as well as posting them off to people who have relocated, so we can still use more quilts but it will take a bit longer to reach people now that so many have moved from the area.
Many thanks Jan mac

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